Interview with designer Cangshan Cangshan Cutlery Company (CC), regarding views on design, and for the award-winning design H1 Series Knives.

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Interview with Cangshan Cangshan Cutlery Company at Tuesday 25th of October 2016: DI: What is the main principle, idea and inspiration behind your design?
CC : This design is meant to showcase the natural and raw beauty of the materials. Sleek, expertly forged high alloy steel shines out against a backdrop of warm toned teak wood and genuine leather.

DI: What has been your main focus in designing this work? Especially what did you want to achieve?
CC : A versatile, foundational and gorgeous set of knives that are meant to travel to the work. We aimed to create more than a portable and functional knife set, we wanted the H1 Series Leather Roll to be a bold statement about the art informing the work. It is more than function, it is a connected part of the creatives narrative.

DI: What are your future plans for this award winning design?
CC : We have big plans for all our knives and it usually starts with materials. Our German sourced high alloy steel and teak wood are amazing materials, but we feel we have found metals and woods that go beyond great and allow us to make an even better knife.

DI: Is your design being produced or used by another company, or do you plan to sell or lease the production rights or do you intent to produce your work yourself?
CC : We love owning our work so we tend to keep as much as we can in-house. These are currently patent-pending designs and we manufacture and distribute our products ourselves.

DI: Who is the target customer for his design?
CC : The traveling chef. As the culinary world becomes more nomadic, moving to smaller, modern kitchens, we set out to create tools that work phenomenally in these environments without comprising aesthetics. These knives and leather roll need to be as expressive as they are functional.

DI: What sets this design apart from other similar or resembling concepts?
CC : Quality. These a premier caliber professional culinary tools. They look amazing, but they perform perfectly. With an incredibly sharp Asian style edge these knives also have amazing edge retention so they stay sharp longer.

DI: What is the most unique aspect of your design?
CC : Our gapless, smooth seams between metal and wood in the knife handle create a responsive tactile experience for the user.

DI: Is your design influenced by data or analytical research in any way? What kind of research did you conduct for making this design?
CC : Huge amounts of research informed the design of the H1 Series. Experts in metallurgy, heat treatment, chemical composition and more were utilized in our process of bring out and enhancing the best qualities of the materials. Blade thickness, knife weight, the strength of the magnets in the protective leather flaps of the knife roll, no detail was too small to work on until it performed perfectly.