Interview with designer Claudio Sibille (CS), regarding views on design, and for the award-winning design Umea Sofa Bed.

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Interview with Claudio Sibille at Tuesday 15th of April 2014: DI: What is the main principle, idea and inspiration behind your design?
CS : The inspiration comes from my Opa lounge chair.

DI: What has been your main focus in designing this work? Especially what did you want to achieve?
CS : Create the most beautiful sofa bed ever (from my perspective obviously) by simple lines and adding armrests in a unusual way given the variety of sofa beds out there.

DI: What are your future plans for this award winning design?
CS : Well, it´s already beign manufactures a sold by M3. Hopefully this awarwill increase the sales even further.

DI: How long did it take you to design this particular concept?
CS : Since the formal idea already was quite in shape, given the fact that it tyakes inspiration from my opa lounge chair, the project did not take more than two days.That is the design part anyway. The prototype took some cuple of days.

DI: Why did you design this particular concept? Was this design commissioned or did you decide to pursuit an inspiration?
CS : Yes, this design was commissioned by M3 Sofa Bed division.

DI: What sets this design apart from other similar or resembling concepts?
CS : It´s appealling figure, sexy lines and contemporary, scandinavian looks.

DI: How did you come up with the name for this design? What does it mean?
CS : I did not name the project. Someone else did that for me.

DI: Which design tools did you use when you were working on this project?
CS : Like in all of my works, pencil, paper, computer, and coffee.

DI: How did you decide to submit your design to an international design competition?
CS : Increase the selling cvhances, promoting myself as a designer.