Interview with designer Laura Ferrario (LF), regarding views on design, and for the award-winning design Le Coffret-Chambres D'hôtes Visual Identity.

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Interview with Laura Ferrario at Tuesday 26th of March 2013: DI: What is the main principle, idea and inspiration behind your design?
LF : Le Coffret is a bed and breakfast of charm and design in the heart of Valle d'Aosta. After four years of passionate and knowledgeable restoration, this house from 1779 comes back to life, preserving the atmosphere, which is in perfect harmony with the most sophisticated contemporary comfort. The project was conceived in absolute respect of the authentic style: so the stone walls, wooden beams and antique furniture are offered to the admiring eyes of the guests and lovers of beauty. Stone, wood, mountains, ancient and modern is what forms the logo designed for Le Coffret. A circle symbolizing the sky over the triangle which represents the mountain, where the B&B is located, from the idea of the ascent of man into the sky An Onciale font revised in a modern version (Generatio Uncial) to remember the Celtic origins of the Aostava Valley rightly balances and supports a strong and important symbol to finally obtain a mark that is easy to identify and easily catches the eye.

DI: What has been your main focus in designing this work? Especially what did you want to achieve?
LF : My aim was to combine the feeling of the mountain with the modernity and tradition of the B&B and convey a feeling of belonging to the territory.

DI: What are your future plans for this award winning design?
LF : I hope to work with other establishments like Le Coffret in the future. In Italy there are many B&Bs of this kind which could use a restyling.

DI: Why did you design this particular concept? Was this design commissioned or did you decide to pursuit an inspiration?
LF : The “Client” started from a very precise concept of his, but during the designing process we decided together that the solution I had proposed was closer to what the B&B represented.

DI: Who is the target customer for his design?
LF : People who love beautiful things.

DI: What is the most unique aspect of your design?
LF : The use of small details make my design unique: glass and worked metal make up the sign, rubber bands to bind together the various elements of the invitation or the welcome card which will be displayed in every room.

DI: How did you decide to submit your design to an international design competition?
LF : I would like to use my creativity and professionalism also in non-Italian projects and this seemed to be the most immediate way to makes myself known outside my own country.